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Message of the Director


A very warm welcome to the enhanced official website of the CHED CARAGA Administrative Region! This website is an important medium for us to improve the delivery of our services by establishing direct communication between CHED CARAGA Personnel and its various stakeholders – the Higher Education Institution Heads/Presidents and Administrators, Faculty Members, Students and Parents, among others.  We are believers in the power of technology and social media to communicate with others. The enhanced website is more informative, making it easier for our stakeholders to access information on CHED issuances, Regional Advisories and Memoranda, guidelines and other data that concerns the operation of Higher Education Institutions. The list of recognized programs offered by institutions of higher learning in this Region was also included for the guidance of the public.

We have also the directories of CHED CARAGA Personnel, Higher Education Institutions, and the various group of stakeholders, for easy contact, coordination and collaboration. To ensure transparency in our operations, we have also included the list of grantees for our scholarship and grant-in-aid programs, as well as guidelines of the various CHED programs for consideration of interested parties.

We hope that this platform creates the venue and opportunity for us to be informed,  updated and most of all to know and interact with each other. Thank you everyone for regularly visiting our website!

Director IV